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Our Ballistic Information Exchange is the groundbreaking technology that is incorporated into our Smart HD devices like the X-Sight 4K Pro and BinoX 4K. Range your target with any one of our laser rangefinders to instantly send that data to your scopes onboard ballistics calculator that will make all the POI adjustments automatically. Let us do the hard calculations while you concentrate on the hunt! Visit our website for more info: #ATN #deerhunting #digitaloptics
BinoX Series
ATN Radar - The Social Way To Hunt! Turn Hunting Into A Team Sport With ATN Radar! The ATN BinoX 4K 4-16x Smart Ultra HD Day/Night Binoculars With Laser Rangefinder ATN Binox 4K - Day and Night Binoculars with range finder and Full HD Camera Eagles in Ketchican | ATN Binox-HD Binoculars with Full HD camera Deer Observation | ATN BinoX- HD digital binoculars with Full HD camera Football match | ATN BinoX-HD sport binoculars Scared pig | ATN BinoX-HD Smart Binoculars with camera Holiday in Spain 2016 with ATN BinoX-HD Deers at Night | ATN BinoX-HD night vision mode Flock of pigs | ATN BinoX-HD Smart binoculars with camera Hogs in a forest | ATN Binox-HD hunting binoculars with Full HD camera Countryside landscape | ATN Binox-HD 4-16x Smart binoculars with camera Hog Hunting, nice shot ! | ATN Binox-HD Hunting binoculars with camera ATN BinoX-HD 4-16X Smart Day/Night Hunting binoculars ATN BinoX-HD 4-16x Smart Day/Night Binoculars with camera ATN BinoX HD: Wild Boar Spotting (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Southwest Double Kill (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Pig Pays the Price (Actual Footage) ATN X-Sight: Chinese Water Deer (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX HD: Greyhound Racing (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX HD: Geese in Formation (Actual Footage) ATN BinoX-HD: Hog Hunting in Poland (Actual Footage) SHOT Show 2016: ATN BinoX-THD Thermal Binoculars ATN BinoX-HD: Rabbits at Night ATN BinoX-HD: About 70 yards Never miss that winning touchdown again with the ATN BinoX! Daytime object with ATN BinoX- HD Classic dual satellite shot to get things going with ATN BinoX-HD Deer at night on Barnyard | ATN Binox-HD Day/Night Binoculars with camera