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BLACK HOG DOWN | ATN X-Sight II HD Day/Night Rifle Scope
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DESCRIPTION: This is first the uncut video from my Thor HD and then video from my Shot Trak HD. I spotted this Boar Hog at about 200 yards and began to stalk in closer since it was out of range of my .22. It was sunning itself in a grassy low area. I zoomed into 2x power and took my first shots at 100 yards which is a long shot for subsonic .22. I shot a total of about 20x but only managed to hit this hog 2x before it went down and then 3x close up. When gutting the hog I found that a lung shot had brought this hog down, they were red jelly. I had thought the hog was 200 lbs but my friends say this hog had to be 300 lbs. After dragging it my guess was it was 900 lbs... Enjoy.